Amir Fleischmann

PhD Candidate
Political Science
University of Michigan


I study democratic theory and am interested in the relationship between democracy, inequality, and self-rule.


Teaching is one of my passions. I have significant experience teaching political theory, both as a Graduate Student Instructor and as an instructor of record

service & Activism

I take an active role in my community, taking part in organizing for a better world on and off campus.

My research responds to the fears that pre-modern theorists of democracy had towards this system of governance and seeks to articulate a vision of democracy that lives up to Aristotle’s definition of “a constitution under which the poor rule”.

You can read some of my popular writing in Jacobin magazine, The New Arab, and the Michigan Daily.
Student Evaluations

"Amir is one of the best instructors I have ever had... he has helped me learn how to read and breakdown complex theory in order to understand it. I have never walked away from a class with this level of practical and conceptual knowledge"

student, POLsci 389

“I loved Amir's teaching. For a Friday section at 10am on political theory, he was able to spark conversation whereas other GSIs are not as engaging. Amir made me want to answer questions and knew a lot about the material. He was awesome”

Student, Polsci 306

“Dear GSI Amir, thank you for your understanding with my circumstances. I ... appreciate your kindness. Overall I would say you are a pleasure to talk to and one of my favorites GSI's so far. I would look forward to more of your classes in the future, preferably in person if possible.”

Student, Polsci 101

“I really enjoyed Amir's discussion section. He is passionate and cares about every individual student, and he truly challenged us in a very respectable manner. I truly got so much out of this discussion.”

student, polsci 306